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10 Ways to Kick Start Creativity when you’re Stuck in a Rut

Creativity is a tricky creature… It thrives on change, excitement, novelty and stimulation…and these things aren’t always readily available. Sometimes life can be a little bit routine (lockdown, I’m looking at you). So, what do you do when you’re in a routine, feeling a bit stale and uninspired — and you still

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Why consider facebook for B2B marketing too?

Facebook & B2B – not always an instinctive combination most companies consider If you work in the B2B world, you probably know your way around Twitter and LinkedIn upside down and blindfolded. But there’s another platform you might be missing out on, so it’s useful to challenge pre-conceptions and go back

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It’s been an incredible month

So just like that, my time here at Moreish is up! It’s been an incredible month where I’ve learned so much in such a short period time. You’re probably asking yourself, what’s an internship at Moreish like? Well let me explain… I started off the month getting briefed on the

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Here’s why you should waste more time

Everybody has a worst fear. You might not like small spaces, or public speaking, or heights. Or maybe you’re like my friend, who’s absolutely petrified of frogs!? The thing that terrifies me most is wasting time. Give me a queue, a stuck lift, a delayed flight, a traffic jam: these

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George: My Moreish Internship

Hey! My name is George and for the next 4 weeks I’m going to be an intern here at Moreish! This blog is to keep you updated with how my time here at Moreish goes and my experience of being an intern for an account executive role. It’s actually a

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Moving to Moreish

Hi, I’m Sim. Well, my name is Simran Aniekar Manjunath, but I prefer Sim – it just avoids awkward conversations involving incorrect pronunciations. I’m an Account Executive at Moreish. So why am I writing a blog? Well because Moreish decided that I’m an interesting person (possibly because I’m quite chatty)

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Covid-19 has shown us why we need to talk about financial health

The outbreak of Covid-19 has totally changed the way we think about physical and even mental health. I hope it will change our attitudes towards financial health too. Since the virus started, we’ve all been talking a lot about our physical wellbeing. Government communications, social media and the news is

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2019 – our best bits

Triple award winners at the Financial Services Forum So, I’ll kick off my 2019 highlights with a big one: we won three Marketing Effectiveness Awards at the 2019 Financial Services Forum for our work with Benenden Health. We were thrilled to be shortlisted for the Best Brand Strategy and Best

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Our agency model is based on a good plumber – here’s why

After spending 20 years in different agencies across the world, I feel like I’ve got a pretty good understanding of the way they’re typically set up. And I think the traditional model could use some improvement. It just doesn’t seem to serve clients in the right way. Today, there are

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