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The return of the GIFs

The Google Trends tool offers some interesting insight into the rising popularity of GIFs. (And it’s previous decline). It seems we’ve gone full circle when it comes to our love-hate relationship with GIFs. It’s interesting to note that each year there’s a December peak – GIFs have always found a

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How do you create effective calls to action in marketing?

Get clever with your CTAs

Getting your call to action right can be tricky. Not so much where you want them to go, or what you want them to do, but the way in which you ask it. As I used to get told time and time again as a stroppy teenager – ‘it’s not

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Marketing messaging and strategy for insurance companies

Raising the bar in Insurance marketing

Insurance is the only thing that you ever buy that you’re glad to never get any use out of. At least it’s the only thing I can think of, apart from some dodgy impulse wardrobe buys. (Other ideas on a postcard please…) It’s like buying a Mars bar and then

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Agency for Direct Mail Marketing

Making a direct impact, the Moreish way

Whoever said that Direct Mail was dead? Codswallop, it’s still alive and kicking. Only these days, Direct Mail is just another channel to be considered as part of a successful integrated marketing campaign.  But Direct Mail is finding itself having to compete with the cost effective channel of email marketing

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What is agile marketing?

What is Agile Marketing? And why should I care?

Yay – a new buzzword! AGILE MARKETING You may have heard of the term ‘agile’ in relation to software development and glazed over with a vision of bespectacled neeks in jesus sandals getting excited about the last episode of Game of Thrones as their hipster beards get sodden with stale

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Tips for creating animated videos

Why animated videos flop…

We love doing videos. Done right, in our humble opinion, they can be the best way to bring a product alive, make a complex concept digestible and make really good shareable, snackable content. Done wrong, they do nothing for your brand or engagement. Here are our pet peeves to avoid

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Building trust in financial services

Building Trust in Financial Services Marketing

Ahh, trust. Good old trust. A brand’s most fickle best friend. It takes years to build up, as little as a single encounter to dash down. Arguably, trust is more important in the financial services sector than some others, especially since there is a severe lack of, and you’re rarely

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top b2b marketing influencers on Twitter

Our top 10 B2B marketing influencers to follow on Twitter

We’ve pulled together a list of our favourite B2B marketing influencers that we think every self-respecting B2B marketer should follow. All hail the B2B marketing Twitterati… @MarketingB2B Great for: all things B2B Lots of good, varied content. Great place to go for interesting research and articles in the B2B marketing

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Simon Martin, Moreish Marketing

Q&A: Simon Martin answers some tough questions

How do you build the perfect marketing team? Making sure everyone has clearly defined on their roles within the team but has the same passion for excellence. Getting the right balance of insight and strategy from the client, and a strong creative input and vision from the agency. We work

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