Making a direct impact, the Moreish way

Agency for Direct Mail Marketing

Whoever said that Direct Mail was dead?

Codswallop, it’s still alive and kicking.

Only these days, Direct Mail is just another channel to be considered as part of a successful integrated marketing campaign.  But Direct Mail is finding itself having to compete with the cost effective channel of email marketing which can provide instant results to prove it’s effectiveness.

But wouldn’t you like to make your clients raise a smile and get them talking about you?

How often has your bulging email inbox caused you sigh deeply?  Now it’s a novelty, an unexpected surprise to receive something tangible in the post.  And isn’t that how you want to make your customers feel when they receive something from you?  Make them feel valued and appreciated?

Getting a beautifully designed, quirky, personalised postcard or package into your target audience’s hand can be a powerful tool. Providing that you and your creative agency have fused customer insight with design originality, so that it catches the reader’s eye, they will absorb your message. So much of the email marketing pieces that arrive in your target audience’s mailbox are so poorly designed, that much of it will get ignored.

This is you chance to stand out from the rest, and they will read your message.

“Isn’t Direct Mail expensive?”

If you’ve not done your research and you’re not targeting the correct audience with valid contact data, you will be wasting time and money. Sending a carefully crafted piece (directly to a specific person at the right address) will keep your costs down, and greatly improve your chances of making an impact and more importantly, a conversion. But why not consider a tiered approach to your Direct Mail?

– For those customers who have a high potential for your business, consider creating a Direct Mail campaign which rewards them with a quality item and uses personalisation in addition to highlighting the key message.

– For those customers who may not have as much potential, create a Direct Mail campaign which is a lesser item, but still employs personalisation, design quality which featuring the key messages.

And to prove that we practice what we preach, read about how we ran a direct mail campaign for one of our clients.