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My winding road to financial service marketing

  Well hello there! I’m Anna, and I’m one of the new Account Executives at Moreish. I’ve been asked to write a blog to say hi, and tell you all a little bit about myself. So here it goes… Where I grew up I grew up in the plummy yummy

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The advice gap: talking finance with a younger audience

At Moreish Marketing, we firmly believe in our agency purpose: harnessing the power of communication to help people achieve more financial freedom and security. And by people, we do mean all people. Research by Mintel revealed that older UK Millennials (currently in their mid-20s to late 30s) are the biggest

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Communicating the changing shape of retirement funding

We’re always looking to work with clients and financial sectors that we really believe in, to live the Moreish purpose of harnessing the power of communication to help people achieve more financial freedom and security. On one hand, the government is looking for ways to stimulate the economy following the

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Client briefs that inspire success

Last month, we spoke about how the magic of collaboration could be maintained during lockdown. This month, we’re getting into the nitty-gritty and discussing the best way to brief your marketing agency to get the best results. Is a written brief always necessary? Nearly all of the time we’d recommend

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Maintaining the Magic of Communication in Lockdown

The lines between work and home have never been more blurred (quite literally, if you’re having webcam issues!). But one of the dangers of WFH is the constant need to feel productive and efficient at all times. Yet for many reasons (…not least mental health), the importance of time to

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2020 – Our Best Bits

Guess who’s been voted Agency of the Year?! I’ll have to start off our 2020 highlights with the big one (and I’m sure you’ve seen us bragging about it on social): Moreish Marketing has been voted Agency of the Year at the 2020 Financial Services Forum Marketing Effectiveness Awards! The

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Emotive Marketing Isn’t Just for Christmas

Emotive Marketing Isn’t Just for Christmas In the Marketing and Advertising world, Q4 is often overshadowed by the big ‘C’, which – while the dreaded word Coronavirus might spring to mind for many of us this year – actually stands for Christmas. This is the time when retailers battle for

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10 Ways to Kick Start Creativity when you’re Stuck in a Rut

Creativity is a tricky creature… It thrives on change, excitement, novelty and stimulation…and these things aren’t always readily available. Sometimes life can be a little bit routine (lockdown, I’m looking at you). So, what do you do when you’re in a routine, feeling a bit stale and uninspired — and you still

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Why consider facebook for B2B marketing too?

Facebook & B2B – not always an instinctive combination most companies consider If you work in the B2B world, you probably know your way around Twitter and LinkedIn upside down and blindfolded. But there’s another platform you might be missing out on, so it’s useful to challenge pre-conceptions and go back

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It’s been an incredible month

So just like that, my time here at Moreish is up! It’s been an incredible month where I’ve learned so much in such a short period time. You’re probably asking yourself, what’s an internship at Moreish like? Well let me explain… I started off the month getting briefed on the

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Here’s why you should waste more time

Everybody has a worst fear. You might not like small spaces, or public speaking, or heights. Or maybe you’re like my friend, who’s absolutely petrified of frogs!? The thing that terrifies me most is wasting time. Give me a queue, a stuck lift, a delayed flight, a traffic jam: these

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George: My Moreish Internship

Hey! My name is George and for the next 4 weeks I’m going to be an intern here at Moreish! This blog is to keep you updated with how my time here at Moreish goes and my experience of being an intern for an account executive role. It’s actually a

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