2020 – Our Best Bits

Moreish 2020 best bits title

Guess who’s been voted Agency of the Year?!

I’ll have to start off our 2020 highlights with the big one (and I’m sure you’ve seen us bragging about it on social): Moreish Marketing has been voted Agency of the Year at the 2020 Financial Services Forum Marketing Effectiveness Awards!

The Moreish team are still buzzing over the win! What makes it even more special is knowing that our peers in the industry voted for us, and believe we’re making a difference in the financial services market. With all the amazing, emotive work we’ve done with our clients over the years, we really feel like we’re bringing our purpose to life: “Helping people achieve greater financial freedom and security.”

Plus, on top of our big win, we had a whole host of other achievements too. We were highly commended for Best B2B campaign at the Marketing Effectiveness Awards for our rebrand work with Key Partnerships. We won bronze for Best Channel Marketing Initiative at the B2B Marketing Awards for our work with more2life, along with being shortlisted for Best Multi-channel Campaign and Best Use of Direct Mail. And we were nominated for Best B2B Campaign at the DMA awards!

So we’re lucky enough to be leaving 2020 feeling upbeat and looking forward to doing more incredible work with our clients next year! Here’s just a sample of some of the exciting work to come out of Moreish this year…

Our mission with more2life

The brief was right up our alley: to connect to the hearts and minds of financial advisers and become their provider of choice.

To do this, we introduced the world of secret agents into financial services. The advisers on a mission brand campaign brought to light the role advisers play in helping clients get the retirement they deserve. And every good agent needs the right back-up – that’s where more2life come in with their wide range of lifetime mortgage plans, market-leading technology and adviser-focused support.

We rolled out the new brand across all adviser media, including display banners, press adverts, social media, direct mail and even created secret agent themed short films.

And we saw brilliant results! more2life overtook the brand market leaders L&G and Aviva to become #1 in the UK, increasing their market share from 25% to 28%.

Tying up loose ends with Defaqto

At this same time last year, we’d just gotten the good news of winning the pitch with renowned independent financial information business, Defaqto.

And starting early this year, our task was simple: to get more financial advisers using Defaqto Engage Core.

It was really interesting to learn so much about what Engage is and what it can do – an end-to-end, integrated financial planning software that supports advisers at every stage of their advice.

And how did we showcase such an incredible software to the industry?

With a simple proposition: “Expert financial planning with no loose ends.”

Using a simple weave as our brand visual, we portrayed how Engage Core brings together six different softwares (or strings) into one system (or weave) – it’s all in one place.

Throughout the year, we adapted all their marketing material and website to align with the new brand elements, created an engaging proposition video and worked on other aspects of the business too, like their ESG and Fund Reviews.

Making retirement conversations more personal with Key Partnerships

In 2020, we launched the brand new retirement funding tool with Key Partnerships!

The tool enables financial advisers to facilitate more personalised conversations around retirement finances with their clients. And shows how equity release could help boost a client’s retirement income.

So how does the tool work?

By entering a few simple client details, the retirement funding tool gives an overview of their assets, including their home, available to help fund the client’s retirement based on household costs over their life expectancy. Try the tool here.

We also supported Key Partnerships with the launch of the tool by creating a user guide, a demo video, social posts and more. I’m truly proud of this piece of work as it’s been months (almost years!) in the making to make sure we achieved perfection.

Bringing data to life with DTCC

DTCC is the market leading provider of clearing and post-trade services for the global banking industry. An amazing company – they are a linchpin in making investment banking a safer and more compliant industry – and I’ve heard it said they handle even more data than Twitter?!

The challenge they often face is bringing to life their new services or features – due to the often mindboggling complexity of the subject matter! That’s where we come in… through the power of storytelling, animation, demo footage, infographics and case studies – we’ve really helped add sparkle, simplicity and usage of their services in 2020.

Leaving 2020 on a positive note

Despite the “unprecedented” year 2020 was, we were lucky to have worked on some pretty amazing stuff. In what has been a difficult year for so many businesses, I’m truly grateful to all our clients for giving us the opportunity to continue to work with them.

And what really gives me a warm fuzzy feeling is that, for Christmas gifts to clients this year, we replaced our usual box of chocs with charity donations made on their behalf! In December, we donated over £300 to charities chosen by our clients, making us so incredibly happy to celebrate the season of giving together!

As 2020 comes to a close (finally!), we’re looking ahead to 2021 with positive minds and hopeful hearts – we’ll see you all on the other side!