It’s been an incredible month


So just like that, my time here at Moreish is up!

It’s been an incredible month where I’ve learned so much in such a short period time.

You’re probably asking yourself, what’s an internship at Moreish like? Well let me explain… I started off the month getting briefed on the clients that work with Moreish and what projects they have going on. Sim and I agreed on what jobs I could work on to start with and off I went! At the start it was very simple tasks, and Sim had great patience to help go through how best to go about them effectively.

As the weeks went on, I took on more responsibility

And that required more learning and working to higher standards. This was fantastic for me because it meant that I kept progressing and also trying to bring as much value to the company in my time here. I started to work on briefs with clients, brief creatives, come up with my own ideas and start to work up own drafts for projects. If you would’ve been told me at the start that I would be given this much responsibility I’d never have believed you. Thankfully we went about it in a structured way that meant that not all the responsibility was on my shoulders and I could always ask questions, send drafts off and get pointers to keep on improving.

Of course, as with everything in this pandemic there were drawbacks to doing an internship during lockdown. Learning over a Zoom call is definitely more of a challenge than learning in person. This just means you have to be more self-motivated to get the most out of your internship and make sure that your work is always improving so that you aren’t wasting time sending over basic drafts – something I have learned over this month.

How would I summarise what I have learned?

As I finish reflecting on my time at Moreish, how would I summarise what I have learned? I’ve learned about the fast-paced nature of the business, the detail that needs to go into your work and the high standards you need to hold it to. And also, I learned how great of a team there is at Moreish (I mean they won Marketing Agency of the Year at the Financial Services Marketing Effectiveness Awards, so they clearly know what they’re doing 😉)

To finish off, I am really thankful for this opportunity and can’t think of a better way I could’ve spent lockdown number 2.

George out. *mic drop