Are your sales aids actually enabling sales?

Are sales aids aiding sales?

When we set up Moreish in 2012, I’d never have predicted some of specialities we’ve developed.

A lot of this is because new technologies have opened up new channels and opportunities that just weren’t available before, that we never saw coming.

But a lot of it is because the companies we work with are forever finding new, innovative and increasingly sophisticated ways of selling financial services products.

The financial services industry a tough, crowded marketplace. A lot rides on communicating differentiating factors. And it’s a complex sales journey, often involving intermediaries who also need marketing to as well as the end consumers (and both are being bombarded by other providers at the same time).

As with all industries, there’s a lot of pressure on marketing teams to deliver the scale and quality of lead generation that the sales team requires. And to do that, marketing teams need to develop the right tools and resources to help this process.

And it can be done. It is possible to create sales aids that really work hard to transform conversations and guide people towards a sale. But all too often we see marketing materials which are boring, unpersuasive and hard to engage with (adviser-facing content is especially guilty of this).

We’ve written a short eBook that demonstrates what you can do to create interactive, digital, engaging sales aids that really do aid the sales process. Sales enablement tools that actually enable sales.

Here’s a link to the eBook so you can read it in full (no sign-up required)…