The ultimate guides to writing email subject line gold

Tips for writing email marketing subject lines to increase open rates

I don’t know about you, but I find writing an email subject line hard. Like, really hard.

We see so many of them each and every day – and consciously ignore 99% of them – so the pressure to deliver the goods is really on. I’ve seen the most creative, quick-witted marketers get total writer’s block when it comes to crafting a single line of copy.

It’s too easy to over-analyse, second-guess and lack confidence as you wait for the brainwave to strike whilst stroking your chin and looking a little something like this:

So let us help you out.

There’s no silver bullet, but we’ve pulled together 4 really, really useful guides to writing subject line gold.


2015 subject line analysis report [Adestra]

Collating and analysing data from over 3 billion emails, this report contains a mine of useful info. Including a really handy breakdown of the top 10 words to include – and not include – in your next email subject line.

Have a read.


Infographic – The Opening Line [Litmus]

Litmus are like, pretty much the gods of useful email marketing tips. And this infographic is no different. Especially handy is the analysis of the impact of character length on open and click rates.

Have a look.


45 words to avoid in your email marketing subject lines [eConsultancy]

Extremely useful – always good to know what might trigger spam filters and go straight to the junk. It’s comforting to learn from others’ mistakes rather than your own!

Read more. 


18 of the Best Email Subject Lines You’ve Ever Read [Hubspot]

Some great examples of subject-line gold. Hard to replicate, some of them are pretty out there, but it’s interesting to analyse the psychology behind why they work. Which you can replicate. If you’re smart.

After some creative-jealousy? Click here.