Call me Dan Draper: My marketing internship at Moreish

Dan Draper

Hello! I’m Dan, full-time uni student, and for the first two weeks of August, I was an Intern at Moreish. I’ve written this blog post to tell you all about my first foray into the marketing world.

Before I started my internship, I didn’t really have an idea of what the industry would be like. I imagined grey suits complimented by grey office cubicles – but this wasn’t the case! Enter a progressive, fast-paced agency: Moreish Marketing.

My sister works in the industry, but I didn’t know anything other than what she’d told me, which was quite difficult to comprehend – terms like “copy”, “insight” and “engagement” came up, which I didn’t really understand (I do now). I was purely armed with the experience of watching Mad Men and reading the Moreish website case studies.

Still, on my first day, I walked in as a future Don Draper and met Simon in the lobby, our very own Roger Sterling, to introduce me to the two weeks to come. A quick coffee and a chat and then suddenly I was thrown into the deep end, a fully immersive day that started with a meeting with potential new business, a status update on the job list for clients followed by a zoom call with the Female Folio (check them out here) as well as a plan of my tasks to complete in the two weeks to come.

Having looked at my notes just now to recap the tasks I’ve completed, I’m certain I wrote more notes over these two weeks than I had for the whole of my first year at uni! Taking a learn on the job approach to my internship, I tried to absorb as much information about marketing as I could whilst completing the work set out for me. For example, whilst working on social media engagement, I learnt about what insight is and was able to use this later in my time at Moreish. Or, another example, whilst listening in to briefings for clients I learnt about “USPs” or unique selling points (call me Dan Draper).

It wasn’t all just briefings and Instagram however, I also worked with members of the Moreish team Sim, Anna and Emily who all taught me about the roles involved in marketing as well as supporting them with tasks like copying mock ups, writing biographies and creating content.

A highlight of my time working at Moreish was the opportunity to delve into Google Analytics and write my own analysis on the performance of Moreish’s website, as I enjoy working with statistics and it gave me a perspective of how they can be utilised in a working environment. Another highlight would my involvement and support in the creative and research side side of developing content for Female Folio which was refreshing as my degree is very Maths focused, so it was nice to gain some new experience.

Overall, I’ve taken a great dive into the marketing world with the best marketing company there is, consolidating my skills from university as well as developing a newfound ambition of what I would like to do as a future career!

Massive thanks to Simon and the whole team for looking after me so well (I hope I didn’t ask too many annoying questions). Perhaps I’m not quite Dan Draper yet – but maybe one day!