Wesleyan Animated Videos

The Challenge

Wesleyan launched two new Commercial Income Protection products, designed for owners of small businesses in the legal and dental sector.

These people had no previous knowledge of the products, or why they needed them, and so Wesleyan wanted to create short, engaging animated videos to help educate and engage.

They wanted the characters in the animations to feel relatable to the two distinct audiences – legal and dental – whilst keeping the animation variation down to a minimum.

Moreish Approach

Wesleyan didn’t have a pre-existing animation style to work with, so we designed one for them. We then set about scripting, storyboarding and animating their different videos.

The characters and storyline successfully explain the products and the benefits they bring in around 90 seconds.

We also created a mini snippet video for internal use to introduce the characters and explain what their videos do, and how they can be used

The Results

To be confirmed. The client is delighted and it’s now being rolled out as the definitive style for all of their further video animation.