more2life videos – #NotWhatItSeems Campaign

The Challenge

more2life offered ‘enhanced’ lifetime mortgages. The ‘enhanced’ part means that customers can borrow more if they suffer from certain health conditions.

Research shows that around 75% of applicants are eligible but only 1 in 6 lifetime mortgages are enhanced. The underlying reason for this gap between eligibility and sales was that advisers weren’t asking clients the health questions needed. There are a variety of reasons for this – advisers weren’t fully aware of the advantages of asking the questions, they made assumptions about their clients’ health on face value, and/or they found it too awkward to ask.

We needed to come up with a creative vehicle that would make advisers sit up and take notice that in order to get the best deal for their clients, they needed to ask health questions.

Moreish Approach

The campaign had to be both memorable and shareable, it also had to be completely different to anything they’d done before, and anything else in the marketplace.

So we scripted, filmed and edited a series of short, snappy and humorous videos that conveyed how not everything is always what it seems.

These genuinely watchable and forwardable videos, were promoted in multiple channels including online, email, and social to simply engage the audience. This would then kick start their journey to click through to more educational content on ‘the big picture’ benefits of asking health questions.

As well as end-to-end video production, we consulted more2life on the wider campaign and messaging, including emails campaigns and landing pages.

The Results

Market share and business completions doubled over pre-campaign levels.

Creative/copywriter: Neil Linpow

Production company: Big Trouble Films

Director: Darius Norowzian

Awards Won

Winner of Innovation in Marketing and Communications Awards