OneFamily Bounty JISA Email Programme

 The Challenge

OneFamily have a partnership with Bounty, the promotions company and parenting club, which enables them to promote their Junior ISA to Bounty members.

They wanted to boost their Junior ISA (or JISA) business and had two different challenges:

Challenge 1: Increase the number of people taking out a Junior ISA

Challenge 2: Once people have a JISA, getting them to increase their monthly contributions

Moreish Approach

Challenge 1:

We did some in-depth analysis of the results from previous email campaigns to identify opportunities for segmentation and optimization and found that, for example, the ‘high-value’ customer segment was significantly underperforming.

We combined this insight with the fantastic work OneFamily had done in mapping out the customer sentiment, and created a series of 7 emails to be sent out at key milestones, from pre-birth, to 5th birthdays.

The content and messaging of these emails was highly targeted to match the complex segmentation variables.

Challenge 2:

We created a series of emails to try and incentivise JISA holders to increase their monthly contributions, or make a one-off additional payment. These were sent out around the child’s birthday, and mid-year.

We created multiple variations, including longer, content-led emails. This also involved writing copy for a handful of helpful, relevant advice articles for parents.

The Results

It’s going to take around a year to see the full circulation and results of the email program. But initial results show a pleasing click and open rate.