Omgeo T+2 Thought Leadership

The Challenge

Omgeo provide automated trade verification systems that help investors to improve trade processing times.

And in the wake of new European regulations surrounding the regulation of securities settlements cycles (T+2), Omgeo seized the opportunity to take advantage of the spike in interest and position themselves as thought leaders in the marketplace.


Moreish Approach

Moreish worked with Omgeo to conduct research with their global client base to understand their views on the European T+2 settlement cycles and their thought on what the future might hold.

Moreish took a creative and accessible approach to the presentation of the survey results, producing an animated video, infographic-rich report, and social media campaign using infographic snippets.


The Results

Key to the high response rate was Moreish’s direct and upfront approach to the email campaign:

  • The survey received 583 respondents.
  • 528 views of the animated video within the first 2 months.