more2life Service Campaign


The equity release industry had been struggling over the year to keep up with high volumes of cases, resulting in a lack of trust from advisers.
With more2life being the biggest lender in the market, our challenge was to position them as the lender of choice by showing advisers that we’re listening to their feedback, and implementing changes to be able to continually and consistently support them.

Moreish approach

We collaborated with more2life to create and send out an adviser survey so we could identify pain points our audience had. Using the results (and with more2life making any further internal changes), we developed the campaign copy and messaging that focused on more2life’s pillars: investing in people, products and technology.

We organised a second photoshoot, following the secret agent theme that connected with previous campaigns. However, to refresh the brand look, we used different brand coloured textured backgrounds with the more2life brand curve to produce various assets including press adverts, social media posts and email banners.

The new brand identity was also launched across their website – with new imagery and visual style, with advisers at the heart of the messaging. The structure of the website was polished to bring out their three main pillars in their navigation, including a new meet-the-team page to add warmth to the brand. With the enhanced UX, we aimed to make it simple, easy and engaging for advisers to use the website.


more2life have gone up to #1 equity release provider in 2022 (they were previous #5 in 2021)