more2life Equity Release tools

Promoting the unique features of more2life equity release plans

more2life provide a wide range of equity release plans with modern lending features that make them more flexible.

Our challenge was to promote these features to financial advisers in a way that clearly brings out the benefits and is useful in client conversations around equity release.

Interactive tools to help financial advisers demonstrate the benefits to their clients

Working in collaboration with more2life, we developed three interactive, easy-to-use tools that financial advisers use with their clients.

The Loan-To-Value calculator calculates the amount of equity a client can release from their home based on their age, property value and personal health.  

The Inheritance Protection calculator works out  the inheritance they can protect for their loved ones, helping overcome one of the biggest barriers to equity release.

The Repayments tool demonstrates the impact making flexible optional  repayments can  impact the future equity left in their home.  

All three tools help advisers educate their clients about the benefits  of the features available from more2life plans in an interactive and personal way.


The tools are acknowledged within the industry as the market leading adviser tools of explaining these product features to clients – reinforcing more2life’s position as market leaders and innovators of the equity release market.