LV= Risk Reality Calculator

The Challenge

It’s often difficult for advisers to get their clients to see the value of financial protection. The challenge was to develop a tool which advisers could introduce at the start of the sales process to overcome client apathy and make protection more personal

“At LV= we’re passionate about looking after people financially throughout their extraordinary journey of life. However many are oblivious to the everyday risks they face, the importance of financial protection and the real value of professional financial advice.

Every week thousands of conversations are taking place between advisers and their clients, yet ‘protection’ is often overlooked or dismissed.” (Justin Harper)

Watch this 2 minute video of edited research we recorded with advisers to understand some of the typical barriers advisers face when talking about protection to their clients.

The Moreish Approach

We worked with LV= to develop a tool that would provide clients with a mind-altering experience and make protection personal in seconds.

  • Using just four personal details, the tool calculates the likelihood of the client being unable to work for two months or more, suffering a serious illness, or dying and the probability of any of these happening before a chosen retirement age
  • It instantly enables clients to grasp the importance of protection. Curious? Try the tool yourself – you’ll see what we mean.

Key to the success was a series of animated online display, press and insert ads that delivered traffic to the online tool.

Moreish Results

The tool has been used for over 35,000 calculations to transform client conversations, with an average of 3.07 minutes spent on the site each visit.

  • There is a distinct correlation between high usage and increased sales. One of the UK’s leading adviser networks have increased sales with LV= since the launch of the tool by 53% after completing 1,732 calculations.

“Financial Advisers have been amazed with how clients over all attitude and priorities changed when they used this simple tool” – The Charles Derby Group.

The tool has helped thousands of advisers talk about protection and demonstrate the value of their advice.

Delivered greater recognition of LV= among advisers (and their clients) as protection experts – with advisers voting the tool the ‘Best Innovation of the Year’ at the Cover magazine industry awards.


The tool and phased targeted campaign we have developed with Moreish is helping transform conversations. The calculator is simple, powerful and thought provoking. The feedback we’ve had from advisers has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Justin Harper

Head of Intermediary Marketing, LV=


Awards Won

Cover Magazine Awards

Winner – Innovation of the Year 2014 – Cover Magazine Awards

Mediums Used

    • Online display advertising
    • Press inserts and ads
    • Online calculation tool