LV= No More Guesswork – European Gender Directive

The Challenge

In December 2012, changes in EU legislation meant that insurance and protection providers were no longer able to take gender into account when calculating premiums for their customers. This had a massive impact on the pricing between males and females.

Financial advisers, pre-occupied with business as usual activity and the demands of the Retail Distribution Review, needed to be made aware of the ruling and educated on these significant changes in order to provide the best advice to their clients and maximise sales opportunities.

Moreish Approach

Moreish were quick off the block with a highly creative, integrated marketing campaign that positioned LV= as protection experts and made financial advisers sit up and pay attention.

The ‘no more guess work’ creative theme strung all the campaign elements together. Parodying the board game ‘guess who?’, it stood out from the dry and dusty corporate material, and conveyed LV= as a simple, approachable, authoritative guide through the changes in legislation.

  • A series of 10 advertorials used unashamed innuendo to draw advisers’ attention to the campaign, intelligently debating the issues and encouraging further conversation with the LV= experts.
  • Microsite – a dedicated hub for all the content they needed, with info and printable guides on the impact of the changes and clear guidance on how to make the most of the opportunity.
  • Online educational tools – a free live webinar outlining the key issues, adviser sales aids and transparent provider comparisons.
  • Downloadable online marketing tools – Unbranded and branded press ads, sales flyers, posters, letters and emails for advisers to use for their own client marketing.
  • Conversion tool – an online, interactive ‘Income at Risk Calculator’ to show the potential loss of income from lost sales / lack of action.
  • Email campaigns – weekly emails escalating to twice weekly emails towards the deadline with different hooks and messages to stir advisers into taking action
  • Sponsored trade emails and banners – impactful images scaremongering on the dangers of leaving it to the last minute to speak to their clients.
  • Webinar – a heavily promoted live webinar in association with Cover magazine to introduce the impact and implications of the changes
  • Sponsorship of industry events covering the changes.


  • In December 2012, the climax of the campaign delivered more protection business than in any other month in LV=’s 170 year history
  • Week 51 of 2012 delivered a 300% increase in sales vs. the same week in 2011 and equated to 7% of the annual sales plan in a week.
  • 335 new financial advisers were attracted to do business with LV= in December.
  • These new relationships have continued to drive ongoing business for LV=.


Awards Won

Winner of Marketing Week Engage Business to Business Awards 2013

Marketing Week Engage Financial Shortlist and Winner of the 2013 B2B Awards

The ‘No More Guess Work’ campaign mobilised our whole business to respond with leadership, engagement and innovation to an enforced legislative change. It helped boost the reputation of LV= among financial advisers, commentators and competitors. It powered closer working relationships with key business stakeholders to meet and exceed all our business objectives; with record breaking sales performance.”

Justin Harper
Head of Intermediary Marketing, LV=