Key Partnerships Marketing Masterclass DM

Encouraging sign up to a marketing masterclass

Key Partnerships were organising two Marketing Masterclasses aimed specifically at mortgage brokers and financial advisers to help them generate more business through online channels, especially during the pandemic when remote working became the new normal.

Our role was to help Key Partnerships promote these Marketing Masterclasses and encourage the target audience to register.

Engaging the audience with direct mailers and targeted email campaigns

Since the mortgage broker Marketing Masterclass was taking place the week after Valentine’s Day we designed a simple Valentine’s Day card in Key Partnerships branding, inviting them to the exclusive Marketing Masterclass. The card was complemented with an A5 insert outlining the details of the masterclass, and covering off some of the key USPs of working with Key Partnerships and how they can help grow a mortgage broker’s business through equity release referrals. 

For the financial adviser Marketing Masterclass, we focused on the theme of “spring” and “growth” with a 4-page self-seal envelope, covering similar details and messaging. 

We supported both mailers with social media promotions and a targeted email campaign each.



The mortgage broker Marketing Masterclass had 250+ registrants, with an open rate of 19% for the email campaign. LinkedIn posts had an average engagement rate of 8.6% and an average click through rate of 2.29%.

The financial adviser Marketing Masterclass had 150+ registrants. The email campaign had an average open rate of 18%. LinkedIn posts had an average engagement rate of 7.97% and an average click through rate of 2.26%.