Key Partnerships financial adviser acquisition campaign

Encouraging financial advisers to reconsider equity release

Many financial advisers still turn their nose up at equity release. Our challenge lied in helping them see the increasingly relevant role equity release could play in supporting their clients with their later life finances. And our end goal was to encourage them to expand their proposition to include equity release through a referral service with Key Partnerships.

An educational guide to show the value of equity release in later life financial planning

To tackle this challenge, we created a 16-page peer-to-peer educational guide on the changing shape of retirement funding and how beneficial it could be to a financial adviser’s clients and their business.

Tailored specifically to the language of a financial adviser, the guide focused on building a relationship between them and Key Partnerships. It covered:

  • Different client scenarios where equity release could be a flexible solution and how financial advisers could introduce it to them – leading on the smart way it could be used to help wealthier clients manage their tax liabilities
  • Educating them on the 2020 market dynamics that have made it a more popular product
  • Dispelling myths with market facts and product features

Download the financial adviser’s guide to equity release referrals to learn more,

We promoted the guide via digital publications, organic and paid social, print and email marketing.

We also set up an automated lead nurture email campaign for those who downloaded the guide, engaging them with more information and prompting them to refer their clients to Key Partnerships.

Paving the path to change a financial adviser’s perception of equity release

Launched in December 2020, the guide marks the beginning of a journey to change the perception of and conversation around equity release.

The emails promoting the guide had an average open rate of 37.5% and an average click through rate of 3%. The organic social posts focused on the guide had an 8% engagement rate and 2.8% click through rate.