IPTF Ziggy’s Money Moves

The challenge

The Income Protection Task Force (IPTF) is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to raise awareness around Income Protection amongst consumers in the UK.

They asked us if we’d be willing to help them on a pro bona basis to develop a brand, Instagram account and website that would help them engage a younger generation (Gen Z and Millennials) on relevant financial topics that ultimately connects them with the concept of income protection – which remains relatively undersold with a lack of understanding on why it’s needed and how to buy it.

Because of alignment with our agency purpose of ‘using the power of communication to help more people achieve financial freedom and security’ we jumped at the chance to get involved.

Moreish approach

Our goal was to develop a creative idea that our target audience could connect with emotionally, and that would work well across social media channels, like Instagram.

Our research into the Gen Z and Millennial generation brought out some key insights:

  • They are more likely to have multiple and transient sources of income, side hustles and freelance gigs. No job for life anymore!
  • Highly influenced by social media
  • Financial priorities vary greatly, but home ownership isn’t at the top of the list anymore. Instead, they prioritize travel, experiences, their career and lifestyle
  • They desire financial independence and want to be in control of it, but are also earning lesser than previous generations and are more in debt.
  • There’s an overarching theme of uncertainty when it comes to their jobs, their living situation, their future and their mental health

Keeping this in mind, we developed a character-led brand idea, which embodies, connects and represents the Squiggler generation (a term used for Gen Z and Millennials) on their jumbled path to greatness. And his name is Ziggy!

Ziggy is a Squiggler with a quirk for finance, who lives with three flatmates – Jo, Anna and Zayne.

Inspired by the meme-culture and the illustrative style of adult animated TV shows like Rick and Morty, we developed a series of illustrations with relatable and ironic conversations between the flatmates around the world of finance. These illustrations are also used on Ziggy’s Instagram handle @ziggysmoneymoves.

Based on these characters and using the illustrations as imagery, we developed Ziggy’s Money Moves – a financial blog for the Squiggler generation written from Ziggy’s perspective around relevant financial topics that ultimately connected to the concept of income protection.

So the journey we take our audience on is to attract their attention with entertaining and shareable content on Instagram that leads them to engaging educational content around financial matters relevant to them on the website.

The hope is the fresh and real approach will encourage more young people to protect their income as they zig and zag their way to greatness and to feel in control and empowered about their financial future.


The campaign launched in early July 2021 – watch this space for results!