Fudgelearn proposition development and campaign

The challenge

Fudgelearn is an ERP systems training provider that build Oracle training programs tailor-made for each business and their employees.

Our challenge was to increase awareness and educate the market on the existing investment imbalance between new technology and training, the importance of training for successful implementations of ERP systems and how Fudgelearn could help.

Moreish approach

To develop a successful proposition, we started the process with immersion sessions, which included interviewing a number of staff at Fudgelearn and research of the market, competitors and audience.

The lead insights we gained from this were:

  • Businesses focused on investing heavily in technology, but never considered training their employees on how to use it – until it was too late
  • The complexity of the industry jargon and service offering was stopping audiences from seeing the potential business value Fudgelearn could provide
  • No one else in the market was owning the Enterprise System training space, especially in user adoption, so Fudgelearn could capitalize on the opportunity and become a market disrupter and leader in this space

These insights led us to a clear single-minded proposition that was simple and confident: ‘Bespoke Enterprise Systems training for more successful implementations and upgrades’.

Based on this proposition, we rolled out a creative campaign with the concept of a training gap using simple people illustrations in Fudgelearn branding. This brought to life the issues many employees face – stuck with shiny new tech that they’re unable to use.

We also developed a growth based marketing plan, updating Fudgelearn’s website, a social campaign, educational webinars, lead generation advertising and emails – all managed and tracked through Hubspot.

Moreish results

The proposition was launched just pre-COVID. So we’re waiting to hear back on commercial results. Since its launch, their LinkedIn has seen a 50% uplift in followers with an average engagement rate of 7.8% in the last year.