Fluent Money – Brand refresh and website launch

 The Challenge

Support the growth of the Fluent Money Group through a brand and website review.

Moreish Approach

The Fluent Money Group offer advice on a range of financial products operated under separate companies, brands and websites.

Analysis of Fluent’s individual websites showed they were generating very few leads and hardly any customers had more than one service with Fluent. However, customer service and satisfaction levels we’re incredibly high.

These insights helped us identify the broader commercial opportunities of bringing all of the different brands into one modernised version of the ‘Fluent Money’ group brand. And creating a single website with clear product names, able to generate leads, reducing business risk on being reliant on leads from aggregator sites.


We had to make sure these were clear, making it as easy as possible for the user to find their required service when arriving on the site, and thereby creating enhanced SEO as well.


We made sure the brand transition still connected with existing clients and partners, but also adopted a more contemporary look; removing the WiiMii characters and using brighter colour tones and gradients, and pictures of the Fluent team to achieve the feeling of a modern, people-oriented Fintech brand that consumers could trust.


We deployed this brand through a mobile-first website with a simple navigation and a live chat functionality to help users access the services they needed.

To promote engagement and encourage leads directly from the website, we also developed interactive digital tools, including:

  • Mortgage Repayments calculator: To calculate how much a user would need to repay every month by entering a few details
  • How much can I borrow (mortgages): To calculate how much a user can borrow based on simple details
  • How much can I borrow (equity release): To calculate how much a user can borrow based on their age and value of their property

These digital tools were useful and action-oriented towards the consumer, with the ability to get indicative quotes after entering their contact details.

The website also hosted long form content for SEO optimisation for each product, and had a ‘meet the team’ page to bring humanity and warmth to the brand.

 Moreish Results

Leads have increased every month since launch, delivering a 48.4% increase in revenue in the 6 months post launch vs the same period the previous year.

The new brand and website added energy and positivity to the whole business.