Brooks Macdonald: Female Folio Brand Development

The Challenge

Brooks Macdonald, a leading investment management service in the UK, approached Moreish to support with creating a space where financial advice could be tailored to women’s goals. Women already own a third of the world’s wealth, but their financial aspirations are often different to men’s – and no one in the investment world was addressing this.

Our challenge: to build a successful launch campaign for the initiative, in order to start a more open and honest conversation around investing tailored to their goals and lifestyles.


Moreish Approach

Brand Development

The challenge was to develop a brand that put women at the forefront, and made them the author of their own financial journey. We came up with “Female Folio”, and created the tagline “For women writing their own investment story”. By using a variety of vibrant and eye-catching patterns, we hoped to avoid cliched gender stereotypes and ensure that we were targeting a wide range of women.



We then rolled this brand out into a website, using HubSpot as the CRM for ease of maintenance and to ensure a user-friendly platform. The site includes information on Female Folio, why it was created, a blogs page, and information on all the events they could sign up for. You can visit the website here.

We also created social media templates, a four-page brochure outlining Female Folio’s mission, and a sales aid for promotional material. You can follow their journey on Instagram here and LinkedIn here.




To launch the Female Folio network, Brooks Macdonald organised four events across the UK where women could come and network with other female investors and financial advisors. We produced bespoke goody bags for these events containing customised notebooks and brochures, as well as producing digital slides that showed the brand patterns growing and moving.

An email journey was developed for registrants, to keep them updated before and after each event.




Moreish Results

Within 2 months of the brand launch, we’ve generated leads expected to bring AUM of £4 million by May 2023.

All launch events were a success, with registrations hitting 54% higher than the original target. There’s also been great success in registrations across the Female Folio network.