Equiduct Website Launch

The Challenge

After creating a clean new brand for Equiduct, we were now tasked to develop a fresh website, with a clear structure and design to bring it to life. We wanted to showcase their products and live trading data, increase sales conversions and build Equiduct’s organic SEO to target their relevant audiences and help drive traffic.

The Moreish Approach

We started by reviewing the architecture and objectives of the existing site for the relevant audiences and considered the different journeys users might take. For the new website, we needed instantly land their differenciated purpose and proposition and encourage interaction and data capture. 

We conducted an SEO audit of both Equiduct’s website and two competitors, which helped us identify key words. Using these findings, to inform the site’s copy and tagging to aid organic SEO performance.

Visually, we wanted to bring the site in line with the new brand colours and product branding, so we ensured that the design of the website was sleek, used new graphic devices and had dynamic elements throughout – such as HTML video infographics. All of the photographs selected supported the brand colours and fit in seamlessly. We used modern iconography throughout to signpost important information and break up sections of the pages.

Equiduct website redesign on screen

We created wireframes for every single page of the website, plus high-fidelity designs for around 5 pages, to make the build of the site as seamless as possible. 

Equiduct website redesign Apex landing page

the results

Compared to the previous year we achieved the following uplifts:
• Website users: +83%
• Number of sessions: +89% increase
• Page views: +80%
Over the same period this has helped inspire +34.7% in average € Apex Daily Traded Value, a 22.12% growth in their market share and an 18.4% revenue increase.