Ellipse Employee Benefits Benchmark tool

Becoming thought leaders in the employee benefits industry

Ellipse briefed us to help them develop a thought leadership campaign to support the engagement and lead generation of HR decision makers.

Helping HR managers evaluate their employee benefits packages against similar businesses

Working together with Ellipse, we commissioned a research report of 1,001 UK employers from a variety of industries and company sizes to help HR managers gain a better understanding of the benefits employers provide for their staff.

To distribute this to our target audience in a useful and simple way, we created an interactive tool that helped HR professionals see how their own employee benefits packages measured up to similar businesses. The tool gave them a percentage of how many employers within a particular industry and company size provided benefits like gym memberships, private medical insurance, dental insurance, cycle to work scheme and more for their employees based on the research report.

And to download the full research report, users entered a few personal details, which helped Ellipse capture their data as leads. You can try the Benefits Benchmark tool here.

We also promoted this tool across social and trade media to increase awareness and usage.

Engaging the audience and generating leads for Ellipse

The campaign helped Ellipse build their brand as thought leaders in employee benefits and increased employer engagement and leads.

Over 2,000 HR managers used the interactive tool to compare their packages, and over 407 leads were captured through downloading the full research report.