Do It For Them Brand Campaign


Direct Life approached Moreish to support an RGAX initiative to launch a new simpler online Life Insurance sales journey, with a new brand and website. With the end goal of driving quality traffic to the new website and increasing sales conversion.

Moreish Approach

After a thorough review of the market we established the USP was all about ‘Low cost and trusted cover in minutes – with no phone calls and anonymous quotes’.

But we also needed to connect this with the altruistic reason everyone purchases life insurance – so their loved ones get some money when they die (unless your name is John Darwin and you stage your own death with a canoe accident ;-). So we came up with the emotive brand identity “Do It For Them” and the supporting line ‘getting life insurance is the right thing to do, now we make it the easy thing to do with’:

  • Simple and quick to sort – get a quote in under a minute and sort your Life Insurance in under 10 minutes, all online
  • No personal details captured for a quote
  • Affordable – starting at £3.99 a month
  • Trusted – backed by L&G

We used a vibrant orange as the primary brand colour to make it stand out, and rolled this brand across a simple website with imagery for all audiences, ensuring that we weren’t omitting consumer groups from the campaign.

The brand campaign was heavily supported by our Facebook ads, with an aim to build brand awareness and increase reach. We ran Facebook paid campaigns for 6 weeks, targeting x3 audiences with relevant messaging, including:

  1. Anyone interested in Life Insurance between the age of 25 and 45 years in the UK
  2. Parents between the age of 35 and 45 years
  3. First-time buyers who had just taken out a mortgage between 25 and 35 years

We also ran organic posting across their Facebook channel based on x4 content pillars for the target audiences including general Life Insurance information, information about mortgages or house deposits, tips for young parents, tips for being healthy and promoting Do It For Them’s own content.

We also ran an influencer marketing campaign to connect with the audience on a more engaging and personal level, including blog posts, and posts on social media channels. This enabled Do It For Them to reach audiences that otherwise may not have been exposed to the advertising on Facebook.


The Facebook paid campaign resulted in over 700,000 impressions, with over 300,000 unique accounts reached. We surpassed the 1% click through rate benchmark and reached a click through rate of 2.47%, as well as reaching nearly 2000 landing page views.