Defaqto Income Drawdown campaign

Launching the new Defaqto Engage workflow

Defaqto launched their new Income Drawdown workflow within their Engage software. It helps financial advisers assess the impact drawing a regular income has on a clients’ accumulated wealth and provide suitable advice to them based on their requirements.

Our goal was to increase awareness of the Income Drawdown workflow amongst advisers and encourage them to use it.

Communicating the unique benefits of Income Drawdown to financial advisers

To fully understand the value of offering of the Income Drawdown module, we had a full immersion session with experts at Defaqto, who also took us through a demo of the module.

From this session, it was clear that it could facilitate more robust advice by being  the only tool on the market that:

  • considers the probability of volatile markets and sequencing risk vs. a client’s risk profile
  • and then connected them to relevant whole-of-market fund options

The new workflow comes included and is fully integrated with the Engage software, with free training and support for advisers too

Focusing on the above USPs, we developed a single-minded proposition and a tagline – “Matching clients’ income drawdown requirements to suitable investments”. To complement the tagline, we also created a simple supporting visual that incorporated the strings and weave from the larger Engage campaign.

We rolled out this campaign across press adverts, a leaflet, digital display banners, social media and developed a new webpage for the Income Drawdown workflow. We also created a new Income Drawdown badge to sit with the suite of other Defaqto badges that fund managers could use on their marketing material.



Adviser use of the new module has exceeded the client targets and has also led to the acquisition of several new advisers.