Defaqto Engage Brand Campaign

The Challenge

Defaqto is a renowned independent financial information business that also provides Engage Core – an end-to-end financial planning software that supports advisers at every stage of their advice.

Our challenge was to tell the Engage Core story to financial advisers in a more engaging way and to get more users on the software.

The Moreish Approach

To gain insight into the challenges financial advisers face in their advice process, and to understand the capabilities of Defaqto Engage to solve those challenges, we started the process with a deep dive into Defaqto, interviewed a number of employees and reviewed detailed research conducted by Defaqto into the market and its competitors. From this, we gained a number of insights.

Typically, a third of advisers use six different softwares during their advice process – that’s six different systems to learn and pay for, making it inefficient, costly and increasing the margin for error.

With Defaqto Engage, advisers can use one piece of financial planning software. Whether clients are investing for growth or to generate an income, Defaqto Engage connects a client’s profile to suitable and independent investment funds. One process from risk profiling to suitability report writing, all integrated with back office systems that ensures no information is missed or duplicated.

These insights led us to a clear single-minded proposition: Expert financial planning with no loose ends. We brought this proposition to life by developing the visual concept of six strings (representing six softwares) coming together to form one single weave (representing Defaqto Engage).



We also rolled out this proposition and visual across all their communication channels: developing a proposition brochure, an engaging video, updating the Engage website and leaflets for additional modules within Engage.



Moreish Results

The new proposition and brand only launched recently, so watch this space for results!