Control Risks B2B Lead Generation Tool

The challenge

Control Risks (a global specialist risk and security consultancy) were keen to convert more of their website traffic into quality leads with the use of some sort of interactive tool.

The approach

After an initial briefing, we discovered that the audience’s biggest fears are around their exposure to risk and the ways in which they can mitigate this for their businesses.

So we came up with the idea of an interactive tool that would make it easy for their audiences to assess and benchmark their current risks and provide an opportunity for Control Risks to support them with guidance  – providing enough of a value exchange to encourage the audience to impart their contact information.

Asking the right questions would be key to the tool’s success. So we worked in collaboration with Control Risks to put together 12 quick fire questions across  various categories in a quiz format. To encourage uptake we made sure to communicate upfront that the quiz was free, took only 5 minutes and provided immediate results for the user.

A dynamic results page, gave the user an instant risk & security score and an email follow-up provided an assessment and recommendations tailored to their risk exposure insights with a CTA to book a deep dive session into the findings. We were able to use an existing tech ‘no code’ framework to keep costs down, rather than building the tool from scratch – so the only costs were in ideation, copy and design.

The tool provides a constant always-on lead generation magnate to live on their website and was  also promoted with specific social media and email campaigns.

The results

In just two weeks since launch of the Control Risks Scorecard, Control Risks experienced a 20% increase in visitors to the Control Risk’s web pages since launch, above-average conversion result and an impressive uplift in new leads.

I consider Moreish to be a trusted member of my team; collaborating with them always brings focus and innovation to the table.  Moreish take the time to fully understand the brief, our schedule, and budget.  By working together, we create campaigns which bring our commercial goals to life. 

Moreish’s collaborative and professional approach truly sets them apart. 

Liz Allinson, Global Marketing Lead, Control Risks.