Benenden Health TV Advertising

The Challenge

To achieve aggressive sales targets, and launch their new proposition and creative identity to the masses, Benenden Health turned to prime time TV, with a brand new TV ad.

With a sustained prime time media campaign, including the launch of the ad during Monday nights Coronation Street, the 30” ad needed to:

  1. Build brand awareness
  2. Improve understanding of the product
  3. Drive enquiries via the phone and website

Moreish Approach

Coming straight out of the proposition, our ad – The Affordable Alternative – dramatised how Benenden offers a third option outside of the over worked and strained NHS and the traditionally expensive private health insurance companies.

Clever technical visuals and slick storytelling resulted in an engaging spot which is very different to the typical health insurance ads usually seen.

We think the ad did a great job but have a look at the final TV ad to decide for yourself.

The ad was supported by a fully integrated marketing campaign, to harvest the demand generated through our TV ad. This included doordrops, direct mail, online display advertising, search and extensive social activity.

Moreish Results

From Jan to April 2019, 47% of the adult population have seen our ads more than once, helping to lead to a 50% increase in brand consideration (showing increased levels of understanding of their proposition) and an overall uplift in sales volumes of 32%.

The TV advertising also contributed to an 38% uplift in web traffic, with the TV advertising cited as the 2nd highest reason for joining.

We’re also really excited to announce that the campaign been shortlisted for a DMA award in the Financial Services category and won Best Advertising at the FS Forum Marketing Excellence awards.