Benenden Health: Blood Pressure Tool

The Challenge

Benenden Health saw positive patterns in the SEO ranking of their blood pressure article, and wanted to capitalise on the traction they were receiving.

To do this, we worked together to create an interactive tool to help their audience understand their blood pressure better, and subsequently increase traffic and engagement to the Benenden Health website and brand via SEO and social channels.

The Moreish Approach

The blood pressure tool had to be both engaging and useful, so we developed a structure that focused on:

  • When a user knows their blood pressure, enters it and gets results based on their input. In this case, they would get information about what their blood pressure means, what the causes could be and a link to an article to how they can manage it.
  • When a user doesn’t know their blood pressure, they can click on various stages on the online graph to find out what it means for a person’s health and various possible causes.

To add more value, we included an element to the tool that would suggest whether a user’s blood pressure was high or low based on certain lifestyle questions like alcohol intake, exercise and family history with guidance on where to seek further medical information and tests

Try the blood pressure tool.

The Moreish Results

During the initial campaign launch we promoted the  tool via social channels, where it had a high engagement rate of 7.31% (£0.04 per click) on Facebook and 3.87% (£0.17 per click) on Twitter. It’s also generating significant traffic to the Benenden Health site via SEO and paid search for various common ‘blood pressure’ search terms.