Benenden Health B2B Content Strategy

The Challenge

To increase positive brand awareness of Benenden Health as thought leaders, generate quality leads from business prospects and improve organic SEO through a complete inbound content strategy.

Moreish Approach

Our strategy consisted of two main content types:

  1. Weekly blog posts to generate positive brand awareness on an ongoing basis and position Benenden as an authority on employee health and wellbeing
  2. Quarterly gated thought leadership pieces to generate quality lead data

These pieces were to be shared across both owned and paid for channels to improve SEO via organic search and internal and external link building.

To ensure the content resonated with our audience, we needed to make sure of genuine use to them in their day to day jobs, featuring insights, tips and techniques that they could easily implement.  To therefore get a deeper understanding on what our audience were searching for we undertook extensive research including:

  • A full content audit of both internal and external sources
  • An SEO audit of their current content
  • Keyword analysis
  • Search trend analysis
  • Review of potential trade media partners

This led us to the content proposition: Improving business performance through employee health and wellbeing’ and a series of themes and topics that our content would focus on this.

Using these topics we created an ongoing content calendar, featuring all upcoming blog titles and thought leadership pieces and continue to research and write the relevant articles.

These pieces are also repurposed for customer and prospect newsletters and shared on Benenden’s social channels.

Each piece of content drives visits and engagement to the Benenden website, where, visitors are encouraged to provide their data or profiled and entered into our marketing automation programme.

Moreish Results

  • There has been over 1,300 downloads of our gated content pieces
  • On LinkedIn we achieved a 1.3% CTR and a 1.02% engagement rate from our posts