AMUNDI – Applying psychology to the Outlook report

The objective:

To reimagine Amundi’s “2024 Outlook” asset management report in an engaging and unique way that would stand apart from the competition, reinforce Amundi as a thought leader and provide customers with a better, simpler user experience.

The approach:

The Outlook report is a key document containing critical analysis, predictions, and insights for Amundi’s diverse European client base of wealth managers, private banks, and pension funds which has historically been published as PDF document.

To modernise the report and elevate the user experience, we turned to the principles of behavioural psychology; applying strategic “nudges” that would present the technical and lengthy content in a more engaging and accessible way. We took design and format inspiration from the following best practice ‘nudge’ principles;

  • Cognitive Fluency: We moved the report from a print-based document to an interactive version, (powered by Turtl software). To avoid overwhelming the reader with information, we used a clean, uncluttered layout with clear headings and visual hierarchies to guide the reader’s attention.
  • Chunking and Segmentation: We removed lengthy text blocks, and broke them down into smaller, more digestible sections. Implementing clear signposting, intuitive navigation, bullet points, numbered lists, and other visual formats to present information in a scannable way.
  • Colour and Contrast: To help the readers better contextualise the information we colour-coding different sections for clearer navigation, to highlight key information and create visual interest. Furthermore we added new design graphics, such as abstract containers, to provide consistent design elements across all their associated Outlook comms for instant recognition.
  • Heuristics and Mental Models: We used iconography, diagrams, and other visual cues to help readers quickly recognise and understand the information. Moving from statistics and lists to more engaging infographics. We also sourced new visual imagery to reflect a broader range of industries and landscapes, rather than the typical office scenes which didn’t necessarily reflect the broad sectors our audience works across.

By applying these behavioural psychology principles, we presented the information in a more visually appealing way  which was more effective at capturing the reader’s attention and facilitating comprehension.

The new look interactive report was was supported by a Video Series with report which we posted on LinkedIn. Translated versions of the report and videos were also rolled out for use by Amundi’s pan-European customers in various channels.

The Outcome

The client was delighted with the new look and feel of the report, and anecdotal feedback from their own clients has demonstrated that the redesigned, user-friendly report has had a noticeable positive impact.