Air Insights Hub

Another award for the AIR Insights Hub! We are thrilled to say that the campaign won at the 2024 FSF Awards for Innovation and Transformation in the category of ‘Most Innovative Approach to Consumer Duty’.

We’re also chuffed to share that this project won for ‘Most Effective Content Marketing Strategy Small Company (Up to 250 employees)’ at the FSF 2023!

The challenge

The cost-of-living crisis and multiple interest rate rises have massively stagnated the Equity Release market since Q4 2022. In these difficult times, our challenge for Air was clear: how could we help them build their brand authority with financial advisers and maintain business levels?

Moreish approach

They say, “In difficult times, true friends are revealed”, so we supported Air in their brave approach to investing in a long-term brand and content strategy to support advisers through this period. We launched the industry’s biggest support program to provide the knowledge and tools to help advisers generate the leads needed to sustain their business: the Air Insights Hub.

Introducing this as a new section to their website, the Insights Hub focused on the following key content themes:

Supporting advisers with their lead generation

    • Training and support – including tips, guides and videos to enhance their marketing, such as ‘How to create a powerful LinkedIn strategy’, ‘5 essential social media marketing tips’ and ‘Spotting an equity release client’.
    • Client campaigns – including ready-to-go campaigns across social, email and direct mail on different topics of equity release.
    • New lead generation tools – two easily customisable tools that can be added to the advisers’ own website within minutes:
      • The LTV tool: to help clients see how much they can borrow
      • Retained Equity and Repayment tool: to enable advisers to demonstrate how making flexible, voluntary repayments and drawdowns on a lifetime mortgage has an impact on the equity retained in a home over a number of years

Consumer Duty

Videos, tips and best practices on how to be compliant with consumer duty and reframe it into an opportunity to ensure better client outcomes.

Market trends

Tips to help them make the most of current market opportunities and see the strong long-term market potential.

Product news

Up-to-the-minute updates on mortgage rates and LTVs on the platform to help them deliver accurate quotes for their clients.

The results

Our marketing activities achieved significant results and delivered value to Air and the industry:

  • Online content engagement: Compared to the previous four months, our Insights Hub and events led to a substantial increase in website users (+153%), sessions (+110%) and engagement rate (+40.2%).
  • Event engagement: Our events exceeded attendance targets, with more registrations and attendees than expected.
  • Conversion and sales: Despite a 44% decline in the overall market, AIR achieved 95% of the KFI target.
  • Key Facts Illustration (KFI) target. Year-to-date KFI numbers were only 7% down from the previous year, indicating increased market share compared to other platforms.
  • Market positioning: AIR established itself as a thought leader in marketing support and insight, attracting new advisers and growing its membership by approximately 10%.
  • Long-term value: By providing support during challenging times and nurturing adviser relationships, AIR contributes to the industry’s growth and future success.

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