Simon Sinek, The Golden Circle

Simon Sinek - the Golden Circle

Video : How to change mass behavior and influence people


Sure you know what you and your brand does, but do you know why you do it?

In this TED talk, Simon Sinek illustrates the importance of defining this often overlooked segment of brand identity, arguing that ‘why’ is in fact the single most important element to communicate to your public. Great historical and present leaders all adopt this simple principle to influence mass behavioral change. He emphasises the importance of clarity of purpose and authenticity in leadership to inspire others to act and create lasting impact.

Sinek suggests that truly influential leaders and organizations start with the “Why,” tapping into people’s emotions and beliefs, which drives behavior and inspires action. By understanding and communicating their “Why,” leaders can create a sense of loyalty and engagement that goes beyond rational decision-making.

A great insightful talk, and definitely worth some consideration.