MDM new employee ROI tool development

The challenge

MDM consultants offer a different type of recruitment service, based on building mutually beneficial long-term relationships. How could we develop a new marketing campaign or a content idea that would help differentiate them in a sea of more transactional recruitment firms.

Moreish approach

Rather the typical pushy approach of most recruitment firms, we wanted to create a genuinely different and valuable piece of content that would give an indication of how MDM could bring to their business. So we conducted insight sessions with the MDM management team which identified two lead insights a) business’ often don’t realise the true cost of hiring the wrong person b) MDM achieve much higher success and retention levels by being a true business partner.

So we set our sights on developing a tool that would help employers understand the true financial cost of hiring people that don’t work out as a way of showcasing the benefits of working with a team who helps them hire and retain the right talent.

And so the idea of an interactive new employee ROI tool was born. Following the creation of a prototype tool and spreadsheet of calculations we tested the tool idea with MDMs existing clients before designing and building the final unique tool.

The gated tool helps prospective clients understand the financial risks of new employees leaving in the early stages of employment and the benefits of retaining them in the long term – providing a powerful business case for working in partnership with MDM.

We also supported the campaign with presentations, videos and user guides – all promoted via social media and email campaigns.

Moreish results

Watch this space!