VocaLink Corporate Values

The Challenge

VocaLink designs, builds and operates the world-class payment systems and ATM switching platforms which underpin the majority of UK electronic payments.

The company developed a set of five key values that they wanted their 1165 employees to inhibit. They wanted them to be – collaborative, transparent, respectful, commercial, and courageous.

To encourage this behaviour, they wanted to run an effective internal communications campaign.

The aim was to raise awareness of the company values and to get employees to nominate colleagues who typified these behaviours for the VocaLink Recognition Awards.

The Moreish Approach

Moreish developed an internal communications campaign across a variety of medias including posters, emails and intranet promotion.

The creative style was simple, human and less ‘corporate’ in style.

The Results

Clear, company-wide communication of the corporate values drive.