LV= Home of Secure Retirement

The Challenge

In the wake of the new pension freedoms proposed in the 2014 budget, LV= needed to take a fresh approach to the positioning of their retirement product range.

LV= had the proposition to meet adviser requirements, but needed a way to publicise this to advisers.

LV= wanted to develop a marketing concept and communication plan that would

  1. showcase the depth and versatility of the LV= product range under a confident product umbrella – the ‘Home of Secure Retirement’.
  2. Establish LV= as the trusted, impartial thought leaders for retirement solutions by helping advisers feel in control at a time of upheaval and uncertainty.
  3. Increase adviser interaction, sales enquiries and business.

The Moreish Approach

The creative we developed at Moreish put the financial adviser at the heart of the proposition, conveying how the LV= product range will enable them to ‘be the architect of flexible yet secure retirements’ for their clients.

Moreish developed an integrated campaign of display advertising on trade websites as well as unique direct mailers and artwork for event stands. This was the first time LV= that had utilised such a wide range of communication channels with advisers.

To differentiate the second phase of the campaign, updated creatives showed the blueprint of the house being peeled back to convey how advisers should now be working with LV= delivering ‘design and build of the perfect retirement for their clients’.

Phase 2 also included a high-impact Direct Mailer of a pop-up house pen holder.


Moreish Results

  • 180% increase in enquiry calls over the campaign period compared with any preceding 10 week period
  • Online adverts on Money Marketing received a phenomenal  2.53% CTR delivering a CPC of £2.30 (5 times lower than the industry benchmark)
  • Emails received a 6.76% open rate vs. previous campaign average of 5.9% – an increase of over 14%
  • One product alone showed an increase in sales of more than 250% during the  campaign period compared to the preceding 10 weeks
  • 4,000 “qualified” contacts were passed to the sales team. (Qualification based on engagement – measured by numbers of opens and click)
  • 190 “warm” leads passed to Sales– requests from the email ‘call back’ facility.
  • Levels of sales activity, quotes and sales all increased in the campaign period compared to the preceding 10 weeks.

180% increase in enquiry calls over campaign period


The Home of Secure Retirement ads on Money Marketing received a 2.53% click through rate from 324,000 impressions.  We had to double check the figures because these are the best results we have ever seen”

Matt Ball
Ptarmigan Media (LV= media buyer)

Mediums Used

  • Direct Mail
    Trade advertising
    Email marketing
    Online display advertising
    Product literature