LV= Fixed vs Lifetime Annuity Comparison Tool

The Challenge

To help financial advisers and their clients to make more informed decisions when choosing between Lifetime and Fixed Term Annuities, LV= launched a unique interactive tool that would help advisers to contrast the pros and cons against variables like:

  • Changing interest rates
  • Ill health
  • Death

The challenge? To do this, the bespoke tool had to calculate a hugely complex set of dynamic macro algorithms. Although headache-inducingly complex behind the scenes, the adviser-facing front end had to be effortlessly simple to use.


Moreish Approach

Despite the mathematical complexity, Moreish relished the challenge, using our established network of partners to source top-notch programming brains fit for a job that ended up breaking PHP coding boundaries!

To promote the online comparison tool, Moreish devised a series of press ads directing financial advisers towards the online tool.


Moreish Results

  • The tool has been used by over 4,000 advisers online and via app downloads
  • Adviser feedback has been very positive and it’s facilitated hundreds of purposeful client conversations with an average session duration of 1.40 mins

Over 4,000 advisers now use the tool


Mediums Used

  • Online Calculation Tool
    Press Advertising