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Direct mail
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The Challenge

more 2 life launched a new, flexible plan for equity release customers – the Tailored Choice Plan.

To get the attention and interest of financial advisers, they needed an effective, stand-out DM campaign.

In first quarter of 2015, more 2 life decided to radically overhaul their product proposition and ‘shop window’ to create a simpler, more effective marketing message to their customers. As part of that process, they brought together two existing products into one, creating a new ‘Tailored Choice’ plan, and needed help in bringing this idea to life.

The project was about more than just streamlining a back catalogue of literature. more 2 life wanted to fundamentally change the style of their literature and make their brand stand out from competitors.

They also wanted to create a ‘big bang’ with the launch of Tailored Choice, reaching as many customers – new as well as existing ones – to help boost enquiries and sales.

The Moreish Approach

Moreish revamped the literature – doing away with traditional imagery of elderly people and moving to icon/graphic based designs.

The pinnacle of the launch campaign was a clever Direct Marketing pack. Taking the core ‘tailored solution’ message, we created a unique design for our DM pack in the shape of a suit jacket, which folded out to reveal our key USPs and product benefits.

Moreish Results
  • The innovative product brochure helped a highly successful product launch.
  • The new design and marketing approach was an instant hit with their brokers and they have received huge praise for the simplicity and clarity of their propositional message.

Mediums Used

  • Direct Mail

Moreish Marketing once again brought their creative flair and ability to craft simple, high impact messaging to this project. Their ability to bring not only creativity but also strategic thinking to a project like this is invaluable.”

Stuart Wilson
Marketing Director, more 2 life