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The Challenge

The pension freedoms proposed in the 2014 budget meant that many pensioners wanted take advantage of the increased flexibility and control on offer, but the need for a regular income in retirement remained.

The best solution for many retirees means a combination of both annuity and drawdown products as part of one holistic retirement solution. But historically it had been very difficult for advisers to purchase multiple products meaning that ‘blended’ solutions were rarely recommended. LV= lead the way post budget with the launch of their Pathfinder tool and the Retirement Account and asked Moreish to help to convey how easy LV= had now made blending solutions.

The Moreish Approach

Because most financial advisers would reach the Retirement Account after using the Pathfinder tool, we used a similar automotive analogy to clearly convey how easy it was to now purchase multiple pension vehicles under one roof with LV=.

The Results

It’s too early to know the results from this campaign just yet. But watch this space!

Mediums Used

  • Banner ads
  • Press ads
  • Email Campaign
  • Product Literature