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Mental health and wellbeing guide
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Trade media partnership
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The Challenge

To create a series of insightful content pieces that generate actual quality lead data from HR advisers and decision maker prospects.

As per our content strategy, our monthly content articles were working to raise awareness of Benenden Health and these content pieces needed to be of a higher perceived value to ensure prospects would be willing to provide their data in exchange for the pieces.

The Moreish approach:

To improve the perceived value of the content we carried out proprietary research and worked with external industry experts, including Jane Abraham, owner of Flourish Workplace Ltd and Academic lead at the University of Exeter on Workplace Wellbeing, before writing and designing a series of original thought leadership white paper.

The white papers were housed behind a mandatory data capture form on the Benenden website. Target audiences were driven to the data capture form via emails, social advertising and retargeting banners; with shorter blogs and infographics also created and used to entice readers to want to find out more.

To further increase our reach and obtain additional leads we also managed a paid partnership with HR Zone who hosted the white paper behind a data capture form on their site and carried out further promotion to targeted segments of their audience via blogs, email and social activity.

Topics were identified using insights gathered from our SEO and competitor audit and include:

  • Mental health at work
  • Managing the wellbeing needs of a multigenerational workforce
  • Your guide to developing a health and wellbeing strategy
  • Supporting employees with caring and family commitments

Once their data was received, all prospects were entered into Benenden’s lead nurturing and remarketing programme.

The results:
  • There had been over 1,300 downloads of our gated content pieces
  • Supporting articles on our paid partnerships generated an average of 1,790 views
  • From our LinkedIn posts and advertising we achieved a 1.3% CTR with a 1.02% engagement rate
  • Our display ads on our trade media sites generated a CTR of 0.28% against an industry average of 0.07%

Mediums Used

  • Content
  • Email
  • Infographics
  • Social
  • Display