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The Covid-19 crisis has helped us reconnect with our ‘why’, could it do the same for you?

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When it comes to Covid-19, there’s not much to say that hasn’t already been said. These times are difficult, crazy, strange and uncertain. Our agency, like so many others, is feeling the impact. And although this is worrying, there’s also something positive in it too. The lockdown has forced to pause and think for a… Read more »

Moving to Moreish

Hi, I’m Sim. Well, my name is Simran Aniekar Manjunath, but I prefer Sim – it just avoids awkward conversations involving incorrect pronunciations. I’m an Account Executive at Moreish. So why am I writing a blog? Well because Moreish decided that I’m an interesting person (possibly because I’m quite chatty) and I should share my... Read more »

Covid-19 has shown us why we need to talk about financial health

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The outbreak of Covid-19 has totally changed the way we think about physical and even mental health. I hope it will change our attitudes towards financial health too. Since the virus started, we’ve all been talking a lot about our physical wellbeing. Government communications, social media and the news is all focused around how to… Read more »

2019 – our best bits

Triple award winners at the Financial Services Forum So, I’ll kick off my 2019 highlights with a big one: we won three Marketing Effectiveness Awards at the 2019 Financial Services Forum for our work with Benenden Health. We were thrilled to be shortlisted for the Best Brand Strategy and Best Advertising awards, let alone win… Read more »

Our agency model is based on a good plumber – here’s why

After spending 20 years in different agencies across the world, I feel like I’ve got a pretty good understanding of the way they’re typically set up. And I think the traditional model could use some improvement. It just doesn’t seem to serve clients in the right way. Today, there are so many different medias and… Read more »

What do financial advisers want?

man applause Bravo concept of success retro style pop art Understanding the pressures and needs of intermediaries There are roughly 25,900 financial advisers working in the UK today. If a financial provider wants to be successful, they need to connect with a large proportion (if not all) of them. And that’s no mean feat. Although 26,000 isn’t the biggest audience in the world (compare it... Read more »

Get to the top with a topic cluster content strategy

It’s no secret that content marketing is an important part of a company’s inbound marketing strategy. In fact, we’ve written previously about the importance of content, including, how to create a content strategy and how to write great content. One of the main reasons for creating regular content is to improve organic SEO, however, as... Read more »

Is it time to abandon the traditional agency pitch process?

Baseball pitcher on stadium A friendly prospective client approached us recently asking if we could send on an outline of a typical pitch process and briefing template. When we started looking at the standard RFI templates and multi-stage pitch processes that are still often used, it made us question whether this was actually the best approach in today’s world... Read more »