The return of the GIFs

The Google Trends tool offers some interesting insight into the rising popularity of GIFs. (And it’s previous decline). It seems we’ve gone full circle when it comes to our love-hate relationship with GIFs. It’s interesting to note that each year there’s a December peak – GIFs have always found a niche in simple, entertaining animations…. Read more »

Moreish Marketing - High Impact campaigns

Do you need to turn up the heat on your marketing campaigns?

When you see a really gutsy, daring ad, what goes through your mind? Me, I don’t think about the inspired creative team who came up with a moment of pure genius. No, I always think about the Marketing Director prepared to put it all on the line and convince a large multinational corporation to go… Read more »

Should you pay your marketing agency retainers?

We don’t want your retainer

Yes, we’re a marketing agency. And yes, we really did just say that. We’re not quite the self-flagellating sadists that might make us sound like, we just like to avoid the easy life. The ‘comfort zone’ really isn’t where we want to be. It’s not fertile ground for standout, gutsy, performance-driven marketing campaigns. Don’t get… Read more »

How to design an online calculation tool for financial services sales and marketing

Computers don’t lie : online calculators in financial services marketing

Over the years we’ve designed and developed a number of online calculation tools for the financial services industry. It’s become something of a niche of ours. We tend to group online calculators into two different types – Creating a need We love these kinds of calculators – they’re massively powerful if you want to instantly… Read more »

Tips for writing email marketing subject lines to increase open rates

The ultimate guides to writing email subject line gold

I don’t know about you, but I find writing an email subject line hard. Like, really hard. We see so many of them each and every day – and consciously ignore 99% of them – so the pressure to deliver the goods is really on. I’ve seen the most creative, quick-witted marketers get total writer’s… Read more »

Agency for Direct Mail Marketing

Making a direct impact, the Moreish way

Whoever said that Direct Mail was dead? Codswallop, it’s still alive and kicking. Only these days, Direct Mail is just another channel to be considered as part of a successful integrated marketing campaign.  But Direct Mail is finding itself having to compete with the cost effective channel of email marketing which can provide instant results… Read more »

Award-winning integrated marketing agency

2014 Cover Excellence Awards with LV= & Healix International

In an unpredictable yet brilliant turn of events, team Moreish discovered that good things really do happen in pairs. This year worthy clients LV= and Healix International have both been shortlisted in the Specialist / Innovative Product of the Year for the coveted Cover Excellence Awards.

Are sales aids aiding sales?

Are your sales aids actually enabling sales?

When we set up Moreish in 2012, I’d never have predicted some of specialities we’ve developed. A lot of this is because new technologies have opened up new channels and opportunities that just weren’t available before, that we never saw coming. But a lot of it is because the companies we work with are forever… Read more »

Drinks Companies - World Cup sponsorship

Who will win the World Cup? Pt.2

Part II: The beverage battle
Coca Cola vs. Pepsi vs. Lucozade, and Budweiser vs. Carlsberg vs. Heineken, are all intriguing battles in the beverage sector.