Healix sales presentation design
Slides from the presentation
Professional sales presentation design
Sales presentation
Video within the presentation
Video within the presentation
The Challenge

Healix won a big contract with a broker network, giving them exclusive rights to sell their Corporate Medical Screening Service.

Due to logistical issues, 90% of client presentations would be presented by the broker’s sales reps who were largely unfamiliar with the product.

The challenge was to come up with a quality presentation format which would ensure Healix could maintain some control of the content whilst giving the sales reps some freedom to present in their own style.

The Moreish Approach

We developed a slick presentation format that provided the right balance of controlled video animation sequences with a regular presentation format – all in one seamless presentation.

Moreish Results
  • Professional sales presentation that provides the perfect balance of flexibility and brand management.

“Moreish’s presentation design meant we could be confident in expanding our sales reach with a broker network whilst being safe in the knowledge that our brand and product was being represented exactly how we wanted.”

Janice Buffet, Group Marketing Director, Healix Group of Companies

Mediums Used

  • Presentation
  • Videos

The sales presentation format Moreish designed for us was ingenious, facilitating fixed sales slides which seamlessly incorporated video.’

Janice Buffet, Group Marketing Director, Healix Group of Companies